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Huskies Destiny In Their Own Hands

Posted by Darryl Skender on October 28, 2009

The U of S Huskies may have been played their best game of the season on Friday when they crushed the Alberta Golden Bears 39-3 at Griffiths Stadium. Alberta head coach Jerry Friesen admitted to me that there is no place in Canada West and maybe all of CIS like there is playing in Saskatchewan. The Dogs did not disappoint. From the unbelievable game day experience to the awesome display by the football club, Jerry was right, there is no place like a Saskatchewan Huskies home game. He also admitted he was disappointed in the league rule which made Simon Fraser lose 2 wins. Because of the Clan’s ridiculous administrative error, the Golden Bears may lose out on a playoff spot. Alberta held the tie-breaker on SFU, but now that Manitoba has been given the win, the Bisons clinched a playoff spot as they hold the tie-breaker over the Golden Bears. They still can get in however if they beat Calgary or Saskatchewan wins over Regina this weekend.

As for the Huskies, they only need to beat Regina or have Alberta win over Calgary to clinch 1st overall and home field advantage throughout the Canada West playoffs. Their win did guarantee a home berth in the Canada West semi-final on November 7th. It’s interesting how Blake Nill’s decision to go for a 2 point convert in overtime in Game 1 of the season may have cost his team 1st place at the end of the season. That will be the case if Saskatchewan & Calgary end up tied in the standings after this weekend’s action. The Green & White have looked better in each of their last 3 games. The defence is 2nd to none in Canada right now. The offence is finally living up to its pre-season billing. And what about Grant Shaw? He seems invincible right now. 3 games ago he ties a Huskies record for a 50 yard field goal. 2 games ago, he boots a 55 yard field goal to shatter the record and was Special Teams Player of the Week. Last game he is 6 for 6 in field goals. My question is, “What’s next?” The team is peaking at the right time and I can’t wait for Friday’s game. I caught up with Brian Towriss a few days ago and here is this week’s Dog Pound – Oct. 27-09. Don’t forget that if you can’t make it to Mosaic Stadium Friday, the game can be heard on your Game Day station CK750 with Kelly and myself. Pre-game show is at 6:30, kickoff is at 7.


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“Atta Boy”

Posted by Darryl Skender on October 23, 2009

Have you ever watched ESPN’s segment called “Come On Man” during their NFL coverage. I love it. I thought I would just change it up a little by giving an “Atta Boy” to various people involved with our 4 teams who did well. Here it goes:

Grant Shaw (Kicker/Corner Huskies) set 2 new Huskie records last weekend by kicking a 55 yard field goal and a 95 yard punt single. He had just tied the field goal record of 50 yards the week earlier. “Atta Boy Grant”

The Huskies as a team clinched a playoff spot with their 31-11 win in Manitoba last Saturday. “Atta Boy team” (Ok, that really doesn’t make much sense but it needed to be mentioned.)

Pat O’Hara came up to say hi and ended up filling in as our spotter at our game in Edmonton on September 25th when we told him we didn’t have one. Pat is the dad of Nipawin Hawks coach & GM Colin O’Hara. “Atta Boy Pat”.

Shawn Hunter of the Humboldt Broncos for his part in regaining moment for his team against Battlefords on October 6th. The North Stars just scored 3 consecutive goals within 6 minutes so Shawn took it upon himself to change the momentum by dropping the gloves on the next faceoff with a very tough Mitch Wall. Humboldt scored just a minute later and the next 3 in total. Hunter also had a 4 point night on Wednesday in his team’s 6-2 win over Nipawin. “Atta Boy Shawn”.

The Melfort Mustangs won 4 in a row and currently have a streak of 5 games with at least a point heading into tonight’s game against Melville. That’s the longest streak with any of our 4 teams we broadcast for. “Atta Boys”.

Fraser Rodgers for doing a fantastic job on replacing Kenny Trenton as our other play by play man. He is doing fantastic in the booth and in the newsroom. “Atta Boy Fraser”.

Mike Rey of the Nipawin Hawks for having a sensational season. He’s proving to everyone that he can score without Torrie Dyck and Brent Ottman. He is currently just 1 point back of the scoring lead in the SJHL and has actually played 2 less games than the 2 players ahead of him. “Atta Boy Mike”.

And finally, the guys that make up the “Huskie Outsider”. They promote the Huskies with more in depth coverage, more often than any other blog /media group around. It’s always informative and first class. You can check them out at http://skhuskies.wordpress.com/ “Atta Boy Huskie Outsider”.

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Dog Pound – Oct. 23/09

Posted by Darryl Skender on October 23, 2009

Here is this morning’s Dog Pound with Brian Towriss.

Dog Pound – Oct. 23

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Dog Pound

Posted by Darryl Skender on October 15, 2009

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I just finished 4 games in 5 nights which included 7 teams and 2 sports. How nice was it to see the likes of Scott McHenry back in the line up and Jeff Hassler for the first time at running back? He could be the guy of future for this program. The running game was better and special teams were also great (especially on the 2 short kicks). We have to remember however it was UBC that the Dogs were playing and not Calgary. B.T. believes the road to the Vanier Cup goes through Calgary this year. At work today, I did another Dog Pound feature with B.T. which will run tomorrow on both stations. Here it is.

Dog Pound – Oct. 16-09

The team will be leaving on 2 buses later this afternoon for Winnipeg in preparation for Saturday’s game. Don’t forget about the time change. The pre-game show starts at 10:30 AM (Sask time) with the kickoff at 11:00 AM. I am not travelling with the team for the first time this year. I will be flying out tomorrow morning but will get some of my other pages updated (like Football Calls & Interviews) when I’m at my hotel. Go Dogs!

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Dog Pounds

Posted by Darryl Skender on October 5, 2009

Here is tomorrow’s Dog Pound as well as last week’s that I forgot to post.

Dog Pound – Oct. 6-09
Dog Pound – Sep. 30-09

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The Dogs Face The Clan Tonight

Posted by Darryl Skender on October 2, 2009

This game couldn’t come soon enough for the Huskies as they want to move on after their 27-7 loss last week to the Alberta Golden Bears. It was a good trip here. Our plane was scheduled to leave at 12:10 pm but was late taking off because of a weight-balance issue. It was actually quite funny because most of the football team was seated in the back of the aircraft. The pilot said over the speakers, “We have a weight-balance issue. The weight is actually fine, it’s the balance we’re having trouble with”. There was too much weight in the back of the aircraft so 10 members of the Huskies were asked to move to the front of the airplane. Once we could finally leave, the players (and some coaches) did their usual rituals during the “in-flight demonstrations” by the stewardesses. As usual, it kept them and other passengers laughing hysterically. The Green & White having been doing that for many years on every flight. I still get a kick out of it everytime I see it. Last year, the team was asked to do it again by one of the steward’s so he could tape it and put it up on West Jet’s website. Not sure if it ever happened. We had a very short layover in Edmonton. Most of us never even left the plane. Once we arrived in Vancouver, we caught the bus and went straight to Terry Fox Field for a practice. It took over an hour to get there on a very crowded bus. Laurence Nixon, as he does everytime we go to BC, got on the micrphone on the bus and gave everyone the tour as it drove to the stadium. He called himself, D-D-D-J Larryington and kept everyone entertained. Once we got to the practice, I found out where Kelly and I are broadcasting tonight’s game from. It’s off a balcony from the adjacent building around the 20 yard line. I have a feeling that Kelly and I will freeze tonight if it starts raining.

The Clan come into the game with a 2-2 record after starting the season 2-0. They lost 49-22 last week to Calgary. Changes for the Huskies include having Patrick Neufeld back on the offensive line and Alex Balogun in the backfield. Scott McHenry did not make the trip once again. The pre-game show starts at 7:30 pm (Sask. time). Kickoff is at 8.

Btw, I forgot to upload this week’s Dog Pound so I will do it when I get back to Saskatchewan. It will obviously be outdated as this game will already be over.

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