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Doug Johnson Speaks Out On Radio

Posted by Darryl Skender on February 1, 2011

In my last post, I voiced my opinion on the rule about a mandatory 3-game suspension for staged fights and will leave it at that. What about an opinion from one of the team’s it affects? I asked head coach Doug Johnson on the radio this morning and he made no bones about how he feels about that rule. Here are the 2 questions I asked him on the matter.

Q- What is your opinion on the rule regarding staged fights?

A- We have Jamie Johnson that gets a 3-game suspension for a clean fight. It makes absolutely no sense. You can’t even put words into to it how wrong it is on every level. Jamie didn’t jump Hudema, they were both willing combatants, nobody got hurt, the fans loved it, it’s been a part of the game since hockey started. Just because they fought right after the drop of the whistle (puck), it’s a 3-game suspension. If they would have waited 10 seconds, it would have been fine. So you tell me, how big of a joke is it that if you wait 10 seconds to fight, it’s 5-minutes, if you do it right after the drop of the puck, it’s a 3-game suspension. It makes no sense whatsoever. Quite frankly it’s a joke, it’s a travesty to the game.

Q- In your opinion, how would you like to see it changed?

A- I understand they want to get rid of these fights after the faceoff. First time if they fight, give the teams a warning. The refs also need to take into consideration the game and the situation. It’s a 1-0 game at the point of the fight. It’s early in the 3rd period. The game has been very clean, I think there has been 5 penalties in the whole game and you kick guys out and give them a 3-game suspension. C’mon, if there’s any common sense left in the world which I sometimes highly doubt, anybody knows that’s not something that needs to be suspended for, that’s just part of the game. If it stops being part of the game, that’s the time I walk away from hockey.

The suspension really hurts the Hawks because they also had Jeremy Peeke go down and will not be able to play tonight. That leaves them with 9 forwards suiting up for tonight’s game against Estevan.


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Game In Nipawin Is A Go

Posted by Darryl Skender on February 1, 2011

Tonight’s home game for the Nipawin Hawks has been up in the air on whether it was going to take place in Nipawin, Carrot River or at all. Word has come down tonight’s game between Estevan and Nipawin will take place at the Cage but be warned, it will be colder than usual. Fans are being told to dress warm for the game but that shouldn’t be a problem considering the frigid temperatures outside. The Black & Gold have had their last 2 games postponed because of the chiller breaking down and the subsequent amonia leak. The arena needs to be cold to keep the ice in good shape. Head coach Doug Johnson said that he did not want to postpone another game and was considering using the Carrot River Arena as an option.

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