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Only A Minor Penalty?

Posted by Darryl Skender on February 10, 2011

The Humboldt Broncos widened their 3rd place lead over Battlefords with a 4-2 win over the North Stars at the Civic Centre last night. The Green & Gold are 8 points up on Stars with Humboldt having 5 games left and Battlefords 6. Ward Szucki, playing hurt, had a hat trick while captain Tayor Johnson netted the game winner.

An incident happened with 7:45 left in the 3rd period that still has me baffled. During the stoppage with some players headed for the faceoff in the neutral zone, Brett Pisio got in a scrum with several members of the North Stsars bench (I later found out that he took a slash to the forearm from someone on the bench while skating by).  He started throwing punches with his gloves on, then was grabbed by several members on the bench knocking his helmet off. He threw his gloves off and and started throwing punches. The Battlefords players on the bench all kept their gloves on (I think) but were punching back and tying him up (which I can understand with what Pisio is doing). At that time, Tony Oak, who was already on the ice, shed his gloves and jumped Pisio from behind punching him in the back of the head while Pisio was being tied up at the North Stars bench. I understand where Oak was coming from in doing what he did (although don’t agree with it). The biggest problem I have is with how it was handled by the referee (whose name I won’t mention). Pisio should have received a 5-minute major for fighting and a game misconduct. He got 4 minutes and a game miscoduct so I can live with that. The real problem I have is where there was no penalty against the Battlefords bench for slashing a player on the ice or for the punches thrown at the player on the ice. Also, Tony Oak, despite attacking someone from behind and landing several punches with his gloves off to the back of someone’s head, gets a 2-minute minor. Are you kidding me? Should that not be a 5 minute major for fighting and possibly either a 3rd man in a fight or an instigator. Also, there should be a game misconduct for a fight in the last 10 minutes according to Rule: 7.5 in the Junior ‘A’ Supplement. However it was not deemed a fight, just a 2-minute minor. Yes I don’t like the Supplement and hopes it gets abolished but the league has to follow it until such a time. As for the Supplement, it deals with dangerous blow(s) to a defenseless player while he is down but not when engaged in another altercation. According to the Supplement, a situation like this isn’t that serious if the defenseless player is already standing.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love Tony Oak as a player and can appreciate him standing up for his teammates. From what I understand, he is a great teammate and even better kid. Even Darrell Mann has told me he thinks Tony is a great guy off the the ice and is often found talking to him or his parents. Several players that have fought him have become friends with him afterwards. This article isn’t so much about him as it is about the way the situation was handled by the officials. All 3 had a meeting on the ice and this was the best they could come up with. Back to my title, only a minor penalty?


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