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Hawks Training Camp

Posted by Darryl Skender on August 29, 2011

The Nipawin Hawks camp starts Wednesday. Registration is between 10:30 and 11:30, then the players will be hitting the ice immediately after that. Head coach & GM Doug Johnson says he is hoping to have between 72 and 78 kids this year which should be attainable considering they already have 70 signed up. The camp is free to the players. I asked Doug why he doesn’t charge like a lot of other teams. He said, “This is our bread and butter. You work as hard as you can all year long to get the strongest possible main camp and I don’t want to lose a player for $75 bucks or $100 bucks.”

Expect the Black & Gold to get down to 23 players when the regular season gets underway. Doug said that he doesn’t want to carry 25 or 26 players for a few weeks and then cut them loose because then there are less opportunities for that player to seek. He wants to work mainly with the players that are playing most of the games and let the rest get a chance to play somewhere else.

Camp will consist of 4 teams which will each practice once on Wednesday and Thursday. The evenings will consist of scrimmages. Each team will have another scrimmage on Friday morning. After that will be the first round of cuts. There will be 1 or 2 more cuts after the intersquad game on Friday night. Johnson is planning on keeping a few younger kids around for the September 3rd exhibion game against Flin Flon. Some will be sent home after that but he wants to get them in a Hawks jersey in a real game first. The hope is to entice the players to come back and become a part of the organization later on.

There won’t be a lot of special tactics for the first part of the exhibition schedule. Johnson said, “For our first 2 or 3 exhibition games, basically there’s a little black puck out there, go find it, work as hard as you can to get it and if the other team has it, bang the hell out of them. It’s going to be high tempo, lots of intensity. Then that Tuesday game against Humboldt on the 6th, we’ll start getting into X’s and O’s a little bit. Hard work wins a lot of games for you, systems can come later. With the returning group we have, they know some of the systems we have in place so it’s going to be of less importance.”

Here is a list of the Hawks pre-season games:

Sep. 3: Nipawin @ Flin Flon – 6:30 PM
Sep. 4: Nipawin @ Flin Flon – 6:30 PM
Sep. 6: Humboldt @ Nipawin – 7:30 PM
Sep. 9: Nipawin @ Melfort – 7:30 PM
Sep. 10: Nipawin @ Humboldt – 7:30 PM


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