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Busy Schedule

Posted by Darryl Skender on September 27, 2011

It’s been a busy start to the season for me. I haven’t seen the inside of the radio station much so I have been out of touch with what’s been going on around me a little bit. I just went through a stretch of being in Winnipeg on Saturday (the 17th), Notre Dame Sunday, Kindersley Tuesday, Battlefords Wednesday, Calgary Friday, went to Moose Jaw Saturday and Sunday and I’m on my way to Estevan-Weyburn today and tomorrow.

We just watched “No Strings Attached” (bit of a chick flick) on the Broncos bus and are still on our way down to our hotel in Estevan. It’s a full bus as usual with the Broncos. William Plourde is the only player not making the trip. It’s everyone’s first trip to the new rink in Estevan including myself. I’ve already called Blaine Weyland (PxP voice for Estevan) to get the low-down on which booth I broadcast from and some name pronunciations for the Bruins.

Here’s how the teams match up:

Humboldt 3-1-0-0 6pts (Tied for 3rd in Bauer Conferenmce)
Estevan 1-2-0-0 2pts (5th place in Sherwood Conference)

Goals Per Game
Humboldt: 5.00 (1st)
Estevan: 4.67 (2nd)

Goals Against Per Game
Humboldt: 1.50 (1st)
Estevan: 4.67 (11th)

Shots For Per Game
Humboldt: 32.00 (5th)
Estevan: 32.33 (4th)

Shots Against Per Game
Humboldt: 21.00 (1st)
Estevan: 29.33 (7th)

Power Play
Humboldt: 35.7% (1st)
Estevan: 33.3% (2nd)

Penalty Kill
Humboldt:80% (8th)
Estevan: 66.7 (10th)

Last Year’s Head To Head Records
Humboldt: 3-1-0-0
Estevan 1-2-1-0

Tonight’s game is on:
Radio: CK750
Internet: www.ck750.com
TV: Sasktel Max Ch. 858 (audio only)

Pre-Game show starts at 7:15, play by play at 7:30.


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